Have You Ever Gazed at a Lush & Beautiful Floral Arrangement & Wished You Knew How?

Have You Ever Gazed at a Lush & Beautiful Floral Arrangement & Wished You Knew How? | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

It’s so easy to push a button and order flowers online but imagine delivering a handmade bouquet filled with vibrant, fragrant, seasonal flowers. Too complicated? Nope. I can do it!  I thought I did a pretty good job until I saw this tutorial…chuckle, chuckle!  I always have at least one vase of flowers in my home.  I love flowers!


I turned to a flower pro to give us his flower arranging tips, tricks, and styling shortcuts so you’ll never have to shell out money for a store-bought bouquet ever again. Now I have a little hobby of flower arranging and believe my flower arrangement skills have drastically improved!  As a matter of fact, now that my friends have seen my arrangements, they are asking me to help them with their flower arrangements.  I was even asked to arrange some flowers for a wedding reception!

Here are some flower arranging tips from Carly Sprout of Sprouts head florist in Chicago:

1. Start with a good base: Begin with a few small branches of leafy greens to build into.

2. Let it flow: Allow the shape of the branches to determine the shape of the bouquet. Organic and free flowing arrangements are so much more interesting to look at than a perfect ball of flowers.

3. Ease up: Hold the flowers loosely in your hand, and continue to rotate as you add, so the beauty can be seen from all angles. You can make adjustments as necessary.

4. Keep it simple: Everyone wants to grab all the prettiest flowers and stick them in one bouquet, but the best bouquets feature only a few knockout flowers. Use filler and greenery to accentuate and blend them.

5. Fill in the holes: View your arrangement from the top and all around, and fill in any gaps.

6. Bonus tip: Make sure to select fresh floral, trim the ends of the stems, and change the water every few days for flowers that last.

Watch this step by step tutorial so you can learn how to arrange flowers!

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