DIY Farmhouse Mason Jar Storage Set

DIY Farmhouse Mason Jar Storage Set | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: Josy’s Crafts via YouTube


If you have a lot of mason jars lying around your house, then collect and turn them into a farmhouse-themed faux high-end storage with only a few steps and materials that you can mostly in the nearest dollar store. You can use this as a container for your ingredients, treats, or small random stuff. Learn how to make them easily through this video tutorial by Josy’s Crafts on YouTube.



  • Dollar tree mason jars
  • E6000
  • Ivory chalk paint
  • Spray paint primer
  • Wooden knobs
  • Sanding sponge
  • Stencils
  • Paint sponge
  • Black chalk paint
  • Mini pallets
  • Minwax poly shades
  • Pull handles


Step 1

Paint all of your glass jars with the ivory chalk paint using a paintbrush, then leave them to dry for about 10 to 15 minutes. After drying, grab your sanding sponge and lightly rub it onto the painted jars to make them look a bit distressed. Place a stencil of your choice on top of the jar and paint over it using a sponge. Glue the knob onto the jar lid, then leave it to dry for about 30 minutes before spraying it over with black paint. Leave it to dry completely.

How To Make A DIY Farmhouse Storage Set
Image Credit: Josy’s Crafts via YouTube


Step 2

Grab the mini pallets and stain each one of them with Minwax poly shades using a cloth or rag, then connect the pallets on their sides with adhesive. Attach some pull handles on top of each side of the pallet for some details. Before using the jars, you can clean the inside first, then fill it with sugar, salt, pepper, etc. You can also add some sticker labels around if you’d like. Use the pallet for the jars’ storage area.

Easy DIY Faux High-End Mason Jar Set Tutorial
Image Credit: Josy’s Crafts via YouTube


*All these images are credited to Josy’s Crafts via YouTube. Give her channel a visit and subscribe for more!

DIY Farmhouse Mason Jar Storage Set

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