Dollar Tree DIY Fall Mason Jar Centerpiece

Dollar Tree DIY Fall Mason Jar Centerpiece | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by DreamBitz Art via YouTube


This DIY Fall mason jar centerpiece by DreamBitz Art on YouTube is a great way to save money, and have creative seasonal decor. I love the fall vibrant colors in this tutorial and it has inspired me to create a couple of my own. The twine added around the head of mason jars adds a nice touch, and it’s perfect to add cute flowers as a vase. For some reason, I love the look of mason jars as a flower vase because it adds a farmhouse feel. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on Fall decor where there are alternatives and DIYs. Everything can cost under $10 for this project and I love saving money. It’s a great craft to have to detox mental health too.



  • mason jars
  • Acrylic paints
  • paint pens
  • paintbrush
  • sponge brush (spouncer)
  • twine
  • faux maple leaves
  • glue


First, apply the first coat with a spouncer, and cover the entire surface of the mason jar. Let the first coat dry completely. Then, apply a second coat to all the jars. Continue to watch DreamBitz Art tutorial via YouTube for full instructions and details with other ideas.

Use Paint Pen To Make Fall Mason Jars - DIY Glass Jar Decor
Image by DreamBitz Art via YouTube

Next, use a paint pen to draw any design. Also, you can glue on faux maple leaves. There are many ways to craft and design these mason jars.

Dollar Tree Fall Mason Jar Decor | Fall Decorating Ideas | DIY Home Decor
Image by DreamBitz Art via YouTube

Overall, this is such an easy way to have a Fall mason jar decoration. It’s a beautiful centerpiece that uses Dollar Tree items and materials. I love the Fall time and after watching this video, I am motivated to make some for my friends, and it would be a great house warming item too. In my opinion, mason jars are always fun and they look good everywhere. This can be tucked away on the kitchen island or dining table too.

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