How To Make A DIY Fabric Scrunchie Charm Bracelet

How To Make A DIY Fabric Scrunchie Charm Bracelet | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: Red Blossom Designs on Youtube


The scrunchie will never go out of style. This 90s hair accessory trend will continue to be reinvented in each generation.Do you know why? Because scrunchies can be used not only for hair but for other purposes as well. Worried about where to store your stockings? You can use scrunchies as stocking stuffers aside from using them as charm bracelets. In this case, it’s a space saver! For this Christmas, consider making scrunchies with the help of this tutorial by Red Blossom Designs on Youtube. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for your friends who are having problems getting enough space for their stuff.



  • Floral cloth
  • elastic band (garter) 1.2 cm wide
  • Bodkin tweezers
  • Bracelet charm (any design will do, but this one is an owl)
  • Ruler
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Sewing machine


Cut the cloth into 5 cm x 50 cm using a ruler. Fold the cloth and iron it to flatten. Folding it ensures that you have a guide later on. Then open the cloth wide. Fold at the end of the cloth at 1.5 cm.

Get your elastic band. Cut it to the same length as the diameter of your palm. Using the elastic band’s edges as a guide, draw a line using a blue pen on the crease on the cloth that was created by the fold. Sew on the line using your electric sewing machine. If you don’t have one, perhaps you can hand stitch it. Cut the extra side after the sewn line.

DIY scrunchie charm bracelet tutorial
Image credit: Red Blossom Designs on Youtube

Turn the cloth right side up. Attach the elastic band to your Bodkin tweezers. Insert the tweezers inside the cloth. Scrunch the cloth until the tweezers reach the end. Pull the elastic band out of both of the cloth’s openings. Insert the end of the band into a bracelet charm.

Draw a line on one of the ends of the tweezers to create a space that is about 2 cm in length. Put the other end of the band on top of the 2 cm long space and hand stitch it closed. Scrunch the cloth around the elastic band to cover it thoroughly. Insert the ends of the cloth into the charm. Then hand stitch both ends closed.

Materials to use for DIY scrunchie charm bracelet
Image credit: Red Blossom Design on Youtube

There you have it! One fabric scrunchie charm bracelet can also be used as a stocking stuffer. A beautiful multipurpose gift you can now give to your female friends.

How To Make A DIY Fabric Scrunchie Charm Bracelet

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