DIY Easter Egg Concrete Candles Tutorial

DIY Easter Egg Concrete Candles Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: DIY Lily Ardor via Youtube


These adorable egg candles from DIY Lily Ardor on Youtube completed my Easter decor this year. It’s super fun to make and only needs a few materials. I’m sure this will complement your Easter decor as it looks so clean and simple. And did I mention that you can use the concrete part as a ring dish when the candle runs out? Make these candles today by watching the video tutorial below.



  • plastic easter eggs
  • candle
  • concrete mix
  • tape
  • lighter
  • pam or oil
  • bobby pin
  • knife
  • brush + napkin
  • bag
  • water


Step 1

To begin, start by adding water to your concrete mix and stir until you have an even consistency. Next, spray the inside of both plastic egg pieces with pam or rub them with oil. Fill the bottom half of your egg with the concrete mix. Following that, insert a small plastic egg in the center, pressing down slightly. Attach the top half of your plastic egg, making sure it’s closed securely. Tape it for added security, then use a plastic bag to lay your egg slightly on the side and let it set for 24 hours.

Molding the egg concrete for the easter egg candle
Image credits: DIY Lily Ardor via Youtube


Step 2

Once the concrete is set, remove the top half of your lid and wipe it down inside, then remove the small egg by twisting it. To clean the bottom, use a brush to brush off any loose concrete pieces inside the egg. Following that, use a lighter to heat the tip of your egg to make a small hole. Tape down the two small holes so your candle won’t leak out. Spray the inside of your egg once more and attach it back onto the bottom half. Tape it to secure it.

Step 3

Next, melt your candle in a small old pot. Remove the wick and let the wax cool a bit before filling your egg with the melted wax. Attach a bobby pin to the tip of your wick and insert it into the egg. Your candle has set when your egg feels cold. Peel off your tape and pop the plastic off the top. To remove the bottom, melt the plastic egg with a lighter and very lightly cut into it with a knife.

Filling the egg mold with candle wax
Image credits: DIY Lily Ardor via Youtube

DIY Easter Egg Concrete Candles Tutorial

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