She Needed To Save Money So She Made A Wreath With Dollar Tree Things (Beautiful!)

She Needed To Save Money So She Made A Wreath With Dollar Tree Things (Beautiful!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Finances tend to get tight around the holidays, with all the gifts we need to buy, so many of us need to cut back where we can. It certainly doesn’t seem to make a difference that you purchase things from the Dollar Tree because the results of this wreath are fabulous! Who would ever know the difference? Right?


It’s amazing to me what you can find for a dollar! Sure, some of their things are junky, but you can find a few treasures to put to good use if you look!

That’s exactly what DezineFun does when she picks up a few things from the Dollar Tree to make this awesome wreath! I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for ways to cut corners.

DIY Dollar Store Holiday Wreath. Easy, Affordable, and can be made Custom to your Style!

Here’s the deal, I love the Dollar Store. I can’t seem to get enough…ever. What I like even more, is doing crafts with stuff bought at the dollar store.

I went for Halloween decor and came out with a bunch of Christmas stuff. Seriously, the early birds always get the best stuff so I figured it’s never too early to start Christmas Crafting.

The best part about this wreath, is this idea can be used for any combination of colors and accents to match your style and decor.

Watch how she makes this stunning wreath in her step by step tutorial!




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