DIY Dollar Tree Jack-O-Lantern Topiary

DIY Dollar Tree Jack-O-Lantern Topiary | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by ChicOnTheCheap via YouTube


Halloween decor is expensive, but this DIY Dollar Tree Jack-O-Lantern topiary by ChicOnTheCheap on YouTube shows how to make everything on a budget of $10. However, the Christmas string lights are for those that would have some on hand already without having to purchase another set. This DIY can be made with better quality stuff, but if you’re able to make this on a budget, I would go for the cheaper route. I love the criss-cross pattern on this topiary and it’s so festive for Halloween. Also, it’s one of the by far creative DIY I’ve seen as a Dollar Tree Halloween decor because I would’ve never thought about using a dustpan to hold everything together.



  • 5 Dollar Tree carvable pumpkins
  • Dollar Tree natural raffia
  • Dollar Tree medium-sized planter
  • Dollar Tree dustpan with a long handle
  • Dollar Tree plastic wine glasses
  • acrylic paint
  • foam brush
  • E6000 glue
  • Christmas string lights


First, watch ChicOnTheCheap tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details. You’d want to get the base of this DIY ready before working on the pumpkins. Once finished, start drawing faces onto the pumpkins with a sharpie. Then, carve out the outline of the drawn faces with a sharp knife. Repeat until finished with all pumpkins, and paint them white.

Use Dollar Tree Pumpkins To Make Topiary - DIY Topiary - Halloween DIY
Image by ChicOnTheCheap via YouTube

Next, stack the pumpkins and slide it down the handle. Repeat this process until you get to the last pumpkin. The zig-zag pattern comes from creating a hole on opposite sides when stacking them.

DIY Halloween Topiary - Cheap Decorations - Dollar Tree Decor - Fall Decor
Image by ChicOnTheCheap via YouTube

There are options to add string lights to this Jack-O-Lantern topiary, and I love how it lights up outside at night. This can be placed as an indoor or outdoor decoration. This is a true DIY and this is something I would truly recreate since I don’t normally buy Halloween decor to put up around my house.

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