Change Up Your Decor Within Minutes (Easy!)

Change Up Your Decor Within Minutes (Easy!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I have a couple of big boxes of old jeans or jeans that don’t fit me any more. I knew there was something cool I could do with them and I discovered a lot of great DIY projects…imagine that!


I made a couple of really cool throw pillows out of muslin and sewed large denim polka dots on them, out of the different colors of jeans. They are so great looking!

Then I realized there was a project that I really needed to address…I needed to do something about my patio cushions…they had seen their better days. They showed a lot of wear and tear, but the cushions themselves were still good. About that time I was scrolling through Pinterest. I ran across this great tutorial.

I fell in love with the idea of using a brightly colored pom pom trim with some of the darker denim I had left over from another sewing project, and I liked that it was a darker denim because I loved the contrast of the bright pom pom’s next to the darker color. I made a couple of cushion covers out of the darker fabric and then I pieced together some of the fabric from the old jeans and made a couple of those for a great combo. I love the way they look together!

After finishing these covers and putting them on the cushions, I am so stoked with the way they look! They add a great pop of color to my patio and the different colored jeans with the colorful pom pom’s mixed together look terrific!

Watch how Handmade Home makes these cool cushion covers in her step by step tutorial so you can make some of these too!


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