DIY Decorative Glass Jar

DIY Decorative Glass Jar | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Super Idea


Repurpose your unused jars at home with this awesome project by Super Idea. With just some twines and wooden sticks, you can create these DIY decorative glass jars that you can use to store your pasta, cereals, or dry goods. Label each of them with the products inside or leave them plain. These will definitely make your kitchen or pantry organized and beautiful. You can also add wooden trays or any wood item for that natural look. Learn how to make these through the video tutorial below.



  • glass jars
  • wooden sticks
  • lids
  • wooden or plastic knob
  • jute
  • cardboard
  • sackcloth
  • hot glue
  • scissors


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Step 1:

Measure the height from the bottom of the jar until just below the curved part. Cut the wooden sticks into that length using a pair of scissors.

Step 2:

Stick the wooden sticks around the jar with the flat end at the bottom using hot glue.

Step 3:

Glue the jute around the bottom edge of the wooden sticks with hot glue. Do the same for the top to cover the curved part.

DIY Decorative Glass Jar Project
Image by Super Idea


Step 4:

Screw the wooden or plastic knob on the lid of the jar. Cover the whole lid except the knob with jute.

Step 5:

Handwrite the word home on wooden sticks using a pencil. Once done, glue the jute twine on the wooden sticks following the lettering you wrote.

DIY Decorative Glass Jar Tutorial
Image by Super Idea


Step 6:

Trace the bottom of the jar with the wooden sticks on cardboard, then cut. Glue some sackcloth on top of the round cardboard, then cut the excess but leave a 1-inch allowance. Cut the allowance around, so you can fold it properly. Add glue to the edges of the cardboard and fold the sackcloth. Once done, glue it to the bottom of the jar.


DIY Decorative Glass Jar

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