She Makes A Glamorous Cake Stand For Under $15 And Watch How She Does It!

She Makes A Glamorous Cake Stand For Under $15 And Watch How She Does It! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Better Off Wed


I went looking for a decorative cake stand because I wanted one to sit my perfumes on in my bedroom. Ever priced them? They aren’t cheap!

THEN I saw this tutorial and went to work on my cake stand right away! I painted mine red with red glitter, used some trim around the edges and painted that, then I used red beads and crystal drops on it. It looks stunning! I’m so proud of it and my perfumes look great sitting on it!


Although, I realize that this is a cake stand, so you may opt to use yours for what it’s actually made for! Imagine that! You can just use your imagination when it comes to decorating your cake stand! There’s so many great jewels and trims at the craft and fabric stores that you’ll go crazy making this! I was cruising Pinterest and saw one of these DIY cake stands and she had used a beautiful rhinestone trim with three rows of rhinestones…it looked exquisite!

Anyway, I just love this DIY craft and there are so many options to make yours lovely. That’s what’s so wonderful about crafts…you can put your own signature on them!

Watch how Ms PlanIt does this in her step by step tutorial so you can get started doing this right away!



A special thanks to Better Off Wed for the lovely photo of the Decorative Cake Stand used in this post. Make sure to check out their blog site for more great ideas!

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