DIY Cute Berry Dolls

DIY Cute Berry Dolls | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Moth Art via Youtube


Aren’t these the most adorable table decor you have ever seen? Pretty sure all of your friends would love to have one! Learn how to make these DIY cute berry dolls with this tutorial by Moth Art.


  • felt
  • beige fabric for the head
  • yarn
  • acrylic paints
  • fiberfill
  • ribbon
  • thread and needle
  • scissors
  • hot glue



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Step 1

Cut a 5.9 inches diameter circle from the felt. Stitch all around the edges, then pull. Fill the inside with fiberfill, then close it by making knots. Fill with more fiber if needed.

Step 2

Cut a 5.9″ by 1″ rectangular green felt. Fold it 4 times, then cut a V on both folded sides. Do not cut all the way through to make connected leaves.

DIY Cute Berry Dolls Tutorial
Image by Moth Art via Youtube

Step 3

Stitch on the bottom of the leaves, pull then sew the first and last parts together. Glue it on the top of the felt ball. This will be the body of the doll.

Step 4

Cut one piece of 1.6 inches diameter circle, then five pieces of 1.4 inches gray squares. Fold one of the squares in half, then cut it into a round leaf. Repeat with the other squares. Sew them together with each one overlapping the other. Sew the first and last leaf together. Stitch the circle and fill it with fiber. Close it into a ball, then glue it on the bottom of the flower.

Step 5

Get a 3.5-inch beige circle. Stitch around, fill with fiber then close to make a ball. Glue the flower on the ball. This will be the head of the doll.

Step 6

Get a piece of yarn. Separate the strands. Get one and loop it around your two fingers, then tie it with another strand in the middle. Repeat several times for the hair. Glue each piece around the head.

DIY Cute Berry Dolls Project
Image by Moth Art via Youtube

Step 7

Using black paint and pen, draw the eyes, nose, and mouth of the doll.

Step 8

Glue the body to the head of the doll. Make a bow with a ribbon and glue it to the neck of the doll.


DIY Cute Berry Dolls

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