Watch How She Makes These Outstanding Cupcake Ornaments And They Look So Real!

Watch How She Makes These Outstanding Cupcake Ornaments And They Look So Real! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas
How adorable are these Christmas cupcake ornaments? They are so easy and inexpensive to make!
SparklyBlonde1 uses pink ball ornaments, a brush, cupcake holders, hot glue, glitter, Dreamcoat Buttercream color acrylic paint, fake berries that she picked up at Hobby Lobby and scissors.
When I make mine I used light pink ornaments. I bought cupcake holders at Michael’s. For the frosting, I used Snow Tex, rather than acrylic paint like the gal in the tutorial does, but either way they look great!
I used seed beads for the sprinkles. I’d had them forever. She used glitter on the ones that she made. For the cherry, I bought a spray of berries. There were 25 berries per spray.
Avid bakers and lovers of all things sweet will get a kick out of these clever cupcake ornaments. This clever design sees a classic Christmas ornament fitted into a cupcake holder, decorated with carefully crafted imitation toppings. These cupcake ornaments are the perfect gift for friends and teachers!
These darling frosted Christmas baubles come in a variety of ravishing colors. Complete with a dollop of faux whipped cream, a sparkling cherry and a vivacious smattering of sprinkles, these ornaments look good enough to eat. Deck your tree out to look like a twinkling tower of confection or light up the eyes of the cupcake fanatic in your life with this deliciously festive gift.
Watch how SparklyBlonde1 makes the little darlings in her step by step tutorial…no baking involved!


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