She Makes A Fabulously Colorful Cupcake Candle!

She Makes A Fabulously Colorful Cupcake Candle! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

These awesome cupcake candles are really easy and you can buy all the supplies at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or probably most craft stores. Carina Stewart used mason jars, but you can make these in any glass jars or cups you want or have at home already. Also, you can use wax from old or un-used candles that you already have. You need about 2 cups of melted wax for one mason jar though, so you would need tons of old candles. Or you can buy soy wax flakes, which is what I did. All the supplies are relatively cheap, except for the wax flakes, which were $8. And 1 lb of wax flakes only makes two pint-sized mason jar candles, so I think when I make these again, I’ll use smaller jars. Or more wax from old, broken or un-used candles I already have.


On a side note: When I make candles I order my soy wax in bulk, from Nature’s Garden and I order the scented oil from there as well. I also let my wax set up for 3 days before burning, so keep this in mind if your candles don’t burn with a strong scent.

What you need:

*2 pint-sized (16oz) mason jars
*Pre-waxed wicks
*Hot glue gun
*Pencils, pens, or something similar to hold the wicks in place
*2-3 tbsp water
*1-2 tbsp corn syrup
*A small paintbrush or cloth
*1/2 cup rainbow colored sprinkles
*1 lb soy wax flakes (or old candles if using smaller jars)
*Cupcake scented wax cubes (Also found at Michael’s)
*Measuring cup with spout

So you’ve got your jars and wicks. And you’re going to hot glue the wick attachments to the bottom of the jars. Then in a bowl, mix corn syrup and water. Start with just one of the jars, and coat the inside with the corn syrup mixture. First I tried using a folded paper towel, but couldn’t really reach the bottom. You don’t need to coat the actual bottom of the jar, but a small paintbrush helped get the lower part.

Holding the jar horizontally, add a spoonful of sprinkles and slowly roll the jar so they’ll slide around and stick to the inside. Add another spoonful and repeat until the inside is completely covered. The paint brush will come in handy if there are any spot where the sprinkles don’t stick.

Repeat with the second jar. Lay a pen or pencil across the tops of the jars and tape the wicks to them to keep the wicks centered.

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