Awesome Cooking Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind And Make Your Life Easier!

Awesome Cooking Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind And Make Your Life Easier! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I’m always looking for things to make my life easier…especially in the kitchen. I’m sure I’m not the Lone Ranger in that department! After checking out this informative tutorial, by this gal with ClickNetwork, I have to say that I certainly learned a few things that I didn’t know and they’re very useful! Besides, who doesn’t love a good life hack? No one, that’s who. Especially not when they do so much towards simplifying your life.


I can’t decide if my favorite of her hacks is how to cut an onion without tears or how to peel a bunch of cloves of garlic without even touching them! Oh, and speaking of touching garlic or onion and having that smell on your hands…I love her simple solution to that problem too! And, the solution she has for thawing out meat definitely blew my mind…who thinks this stuff up?

In this tutorial ClickNetwork will show you:

  1. How to cut an onion without crying
  2. A clever way to freeze multiple pieces of meat and just snap it off when you want to use it
  3. How to thaw frozen meat in 10 minutes
  4. Simple way to peel ginger
  5. Peel a potato without using a potato peeler
  6. Peel several cloves of garlic without touching them or using a knife
  7. How to get the smell of garlic off of your fingers

Take a look at ClickNet’s clever step by step tutorial and you’ll be much wiser and save a lot of time!



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