She Makes The Most Unique Jewelry Out Of Concrete Of All Things (Watch!)

She Makes The Most Unique Jewelry Out Of Concrete Of All Things (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Concrete has become an increasingly popular choice for jewelry makers these days, surprising many admirers with its versatility and warmth.

You might not think of concrete and jewelry in the same sentence, but a lot of designers are using this sturdy substance to create some pretty cool handmade jewelry.


Debi with Debi’s Design Diary shows us how she makes this cool jewelry in her tutorial, so you can have some chic and unusual jewelry. Keep in mind that Debi has some great tutorials, but she does like to talk!

Debi buys silicone letter and candy molds in the candy making isle and she picks up foam letters from the scrapbook section, all at Michael’s, to do this easy DIY project. She stresses how important it is to use vaseline or cooking oil in the molds, places foam letters on the bottom of the square mold with double sided table (and uses vaseline on the letters) to keep the concrete from sticking to the silicone molds as it dries, then she pours the concrete into the square mold and the letter mold. This looks easy enough to me…maybe a little messy, but we can’t have it all!

Then, after the concrete dries, she pops it out of the molds, removes the foam letters with a dental pick (or you can use a tooth pick), sands the concrete lightly and paints clear liquid patina inside the letter imprint (on the concrete square) and around the edge of the letters, also, around the square with gold patina, glues the letter to the square and seals everything with a clear liquid patina. Then she glues a flat bail to the back of the concrete, using E-6000, and adds a chain.

Side Note: I noticed people on Etsy are selling concrete jewelry and making quite a bit on one piece. Maybe you can get really good at this and open an Etsy shop yourself, or, make some great inexpensive gifts for Christmas or birthdays. I’m certain the recipients will love them!

Watch as Debi does this phenomenal project in her step by step tutorial!





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