DIY Christmas Wreath With Pomegranates

DIY Christmas Wreath With Pomegranates | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Jenny’s Wreath Boutique via YouTube


Christmas decorations are everywhere, and if you are looking for a holiday project this week, you might want to try creating a DIY Christmas wreath with pomegranates just like this one made by Jenny’s Wreath Boutique. The wreath looks realistic and could easily be mistaken for a store-bought one worth hundred of dollars. The combination of leaves used in the wreath is perfect, with each leaf adding a unique shape and texture, creating depth and volume.


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The best thing about this project is that it uses the highest quality of materials, making it look real and can even last you for many years, unlike the cheap ones from the stores. I know this requires different leaves, but you don’t need to buy all of them. Just choose the ones you like most. Making this wreath is very easy and fun. Hang it on your front door or your wall this Holiday season.

Pomegranate Christmas Wreath Materials

  • 14-inch grapevine
  • sweet bay leaves
  • magnolia leaves
  • 2 long needle pine
  • 4 balsam fir stems
  • 2 evergreen stems
  • 3 stems of pomegranates in 3
  • red berries
  • wire cutters
  • hot glue
  • loop


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How to Make a Christmas Wreath With Pomegranates

Step 1:

Cut the balsam fir stems in half to have 8 picks in total. Make sure to cut the long stems. Add glue on the stem and stick along the grain of the grape vine. Rotate the top and bottom of the stem so it looks even all the way around the wreath.

Step 2:

Cut the 2 evergreen stems into 3 pieces each. Place them around the wreath.

Step 3:

Cut the long needle pine into picks. glue them all around the wreath.

Step 4:

Cut the bay leaves right at the base of the bush to make 6 picks. Glue them around the wreath. Make sure that it is going in the same direction.

Pomegranate Christmas Wreath Materials
Image by Jenny’s Wreath Boutique via YouTube

Step 5:

Cut the magnolia leaves in stems. Cut them out into pieces if they are big. Add them to your wreath.

Step 6:

Cut the long stems of the pomegranates so they are not so long, then place them evenly around the wreath. Lastly, add the berries evenly around. Make sure that it’s balanced.

Pomegranate Christmas Wreath Materials
Image by Jenny’s Wreath Boutique via YouTube

Step 7:

Add a loop to the back of the wreath.


DIY  Christmas Wreath With Pomegranates

Christmas Wreath with Pomegranates

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