8 Cement Project Ideas

8 Cement Project Ideas | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image By: Smart Way Via YouTube


These cement projects have gotten so popular in the DIY world. I used to think cement was such a difficult material to work with until I made my first DIY cement fountain using an umbrella and it turned out really cute, but I got a lot of help and guidance from my friend. When I saw this video tutorial of so many cement projects by Smart Way on YouTube, and I saw so many more cement projects I needed to make. There is this really cute boot cleaning mat, tea light candle holder, a hand candle holder, and so many more. I just love these cement projects and one bag of quick-dry cement from Home depot or lowes will make them all. The materials are very basic and easy to find at Dollar Tree or Walmart.



  • Quick-dry cement
  • A mixing bowl
  • Sandpaper (for finishing the edges of the cement)
  • Some water
  • A section of bubble wrap
  • A rubber glove (you could use latex surgical gloves or ordinary dish gloves)
  • Scrub brushes (from Dollar Tree or Home Depot)
  • Spray Paint (in the colors of your choice)
  • Cardboard can case (you can find at the grocery store)
  • A trash bag (to use as a work surface)


In this video tutorial of cement projects by Smart Way on YouTube, you will learn how to make 8 fabulous cement projects. The first project is a really cool hand candle holder.

Make A Hand Candle Holder From A Rubber Glove And Cement
Image By: Smart Way Via YouTube

There is also this really cool mini succulent planter that is super easy to make.

Make A Mini Succulent Planter With Cement
Image By: Smart Way Via YouTube

These projects are all total winner, I love this video.

8 Cement Project Ideas

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