If You Need Some Extra Seating Or A Cute Little Ottoman Watch What She Does!

If You Need Some Extra Seating Or A Cute Little Ottoman Watch What She Does! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Grillo Designs


Check out this fun idea to make with old tires…stack two and then make outdoor seating with them. If you do, you ned to use outdoor fabric! A friend mentioned that these would be great around the fire pit…where would you use them?


This kind of thing is so much fun to use in your home. Kids especially love to have these in their rooms, but these can be used anywhere and add a fabulous pop of color to any area! If you don’t have enough seats when having guests over, just run grab a couple of these and bring them outdoors.

There’s something to be said about uniqueness of car tire seating. You don’t see very many of these in people’s homes and they add a great touch of extraordinariness to your surroundings. I’m all about a DIY project that gives you something different. They’re so much fun!

Heck, I made one of these and had to turn around and make another one because my cat claimed the first one I made, so I guess these make great pet beds too!

These tire seats are so easy to create and can be used not only as seating but as storage too. You can make it to where the seat lifts to store things in.

My husband picked up our car after the new tires were put on. When he came home he had the old tires in the back of the car. At first, I was getting ready to be the nagging wife and ask what the heck he was doing. Then he explained there was a cost to dispose of them and he would just do it himself. With my crazy mind the way it is, I told him to hold on, that I can do something with these. And that’s when I decided to repurpose these old tires into something useful and cute!

Watch how DecoArtPainter does this in their step by step tutorial so you can make these cool seats too!




A special thanks to Grillo Designs for the use of their photo of the car tire seating. Make sure to check out their blog site for more great ideas!

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