She Makes This Astonishing Butterfly Wall Art! (Watch!)

She Makes This Astonishing Butterfly Wall Art! (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

The wall is also an important part of your home life. The decorations and colors on the wall reveal the message of your personality and life style. If you aren’t sure what to put on those bare walls, here’s a fabulous idea! By decorating your walls, you can really brighten up a room.


I noticed a store on Etsy is selling this same butterfly canvas for $120, but they used different color butterflies! What? When you can simply make it yourself? That’s all the challenge I needed!

In this tutorial, Diana Ta attaches these to the wall, but I chose the picture (for this post) of the same process done on a canvas, with the butterflies flying off the side and onto the wall, to show you some other ideas. You can also use the butterflies in a mobile for a babies room…just imagine all the possibilities with this DIY project!

Butterfly pattern decor is fun and who doesn’t love butterflies?  You may need about 20 minutes to make a few sets of these and then you can decorate as much as possible. These are great for an event, for room decorations, or many other things!

Or, if you have a slightly damaged wall, imperfections or small cracks in a wall, and do not know how to cover or mask them, this wall decoration idea may inspire you to experiment with unusual and creative ways of interior decorating.

Watch how Diana Ta does this in her step by step tutorial, so you can have these beautiful butterflies flying around your home!

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