It’s My Birthday…OPEN & SEE The DIY Birthday Present I’d Love to Have!

It’s My Birthday…OPEN & SEE The DIY Birthday Present I’d Love to Have! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas



I love birthday celebrations and since it’s my birthday, today, this is something I’d absolutely love to receive!  This is a perfect gift to make for anyone with a birthday! Presents that have some thought put into them mean the most to all of us, and this one is definitely appropriate for the day!


I’m a BIG fan of candles and a candle like this is is so much fun!  I’m sure it smells heavenly too!  I’ve made candles every year for Christmas presents, but love receiving them.  It’s an inexpensive gift that you can give to everybody.  I can’t imagine someone not loving to receive one like this on their birthday!

Whether I receive one for my birthday or not, this is definitely one I’m gonna make for my friends and family!  Maybe it will be the start of a family tradition!  I know my grandchildren will think this is spectacular when I make one for them!

I love that she used crayons for the sprinkles…how clever!  It’s so colorful and appropriate for celebrating someone’s special day and it will be a lasting memory when they have received one.

Watch this tutorial and get busy making those birthday candles!  Make sure to SHARE this with your family and friends too!

Thanks to Giftypedia for the photo of the wrapped birthday present used in this post.  Check out their blog site for some interesting ideas!

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