Easy DIY Dollar Tree Birdbath

Easy DIY Dollar Tree Birdbath | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Have you spent too much money on a new home recently? Save your money on garden decor with this easy DIY birdbath made with supplies from the dollar tree. I found this video by Cwinterbabydesign and knew it would make the perfect addition to my garden. This also made the perfect addition because I was able to completely customize it to match my other garden decor. A dollar store birdbath is the easiest addition to any home or garden. You could even use it as a table decoration.


Materials Needed For This Project:

  • Bowl
  • Rocks, Beads or Shells
  • Rope
  • Vase
  • E6000 Glue
  • Hot Glue


Step One

Cover your bowl in the decor of your choosing. You can get rocks and other pieces of decor in the plant section of the dollar store. In the video, Cwinterbabydesign uses colored rocks, shells and rope to cover her bowls using hot glue to attach the decor. The decor will go on the outside of the bowl.

DIY Bird Bath With Rocks - Easy Garden Decor

Image by. Cwinterbabydesign via YouTube video.

Step Two

After the bowl is covered, you will attach the vase or smaller container to the bottom of the bowl using a combination of E6000 and hot glue. This will be the base of your birdbath, so you will want to make sure it is sturdy. Allow the glue to dry before moving the birdbath.

Attach Vase To Bird Bath - Easy Garden Decor

Image by. Cwinterbabydesign via YouTube video.


Step Three

Finally, attach any object you might want in the center of the birdbath. You can use any kind of trinket for the inside. You could even use a dollar tree solar-powered light in the center to make a nighttime birdbath. You can also take some of the extra rocks, shells and beads from step one and put them in the middle of your birdbath.

Dollar Tree Bird Bath DIY

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