DIY Birdbath Under $10

DIY Birdbath Under $10 | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Cookin' with Bobbi Jo via Youtube


Want to have more bird visitors in your garden? Install this DIY birdbath! You can make this project idea by Cookin’ with Bobbi Jo for just 10 dollars. It’s so cheap and easy to make. I am sure the birds will love it, but just take note that it may take time before they get used to it. Read on or watch the video below for full instructions.



  • tall heavy old lamp (thrifted)
  • spray paint
  • scrap wood
  • gorilla glue
  • plastic serving dish (choose something that is a bit deep)
  • pea gravel and bigger rocks
  • wire cutters


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Step 1:

Remove the lampshade (use it for a different project), wires, and socket. Use wire cutters if needed.

Step 2:

Cover the top of the lampshade with a block of scrap wood and use gorilla glue to secure it in place. Make sure that it’s flat. Put a heavy book on top and wait for it to dry.

DIY Birdbath Under $10 Tutorial
Image by Cookin’ with Bobbi Jo via Youtube

Step 3:

Spray paint the lamp with whatever color you prefer. Next, paint the bottom of the plastic serving dish. Do not paint the top surface. Set them aside and let them dry completely.

Step 4:

Apply gorilla glue on the wood spacer and place the serving plate on top. Put a heavy object to keep it in place while it dries.

DIY Birdbath Under $10 Project
Image by Cookin’ with Bobbi Jo via Youtube

Step 5:

Place your birdbath in your desired place. Place pea gravel and bigger rocks on the tray and fill it with water. With new bird baths, rocks will help the birds see how deep the water is so they will be more likely to use it.


Love this simple project? If so, make sure to check Cookin’ with Bobbin Jo on Youtube. She has more birdbath DIYs for you. She also has a lot of videos about birds that you will definitely enjoy watching. 

DIY Birdbath Under $10

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