Opulent Multi-Pane Beveled Mirror…Pottery Barn Hack!

Opulent Multi-Pane Beveled Mirror…Pottery Barn Hack! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Pottery Barn


Are you looking for a smashing mirror to hang over your fireplace?  This beautiful beveled mirror adds richness and depth to your living room at a cost of only $22!  The cost of a slightly larger mirror at Pottery Barn is $699!  WOW!…what a savings!  Everyone loves Pottery Barn, but if you’re like me, most of their items are out of my budget!  This takes almost no time at all to make.  I love getting results quickly, don’t you?


I love captivating mirrors and this one is the Mac Daddy of fabuloso!  I’m so excited about the mirror I made.  It adds so much dimension to my living room.  It looks so stately and affluent! I’m so proud of myself for finding and doing this amazing project! You will be too!


12 Beveled Mirrors (Dollar Store $12)

E-6000 Glue (Approx. $3)

Plywood (Home Depot $6)

All she does is place put the E-6000 on the plywood (after she removes the felt backings on the mirror corners), then she places each mirror on the wood, starting at the corner.  After she makes sure all of the mirrors are in perfect placement she puts magazines on top to put pressure on them.  She waits 24 hrs. to let the glue dry.

Watch this tutorial and enjoy your stunning mirror!


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