Watch How She Does Stunning Beachy Waves The Easy Way!

Watch How She Does Stunning Beachy Waves The Easy Way! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I love the beachy waves look. The soft waves are so feminine.


Some people might argue that this is for summer, but I argue that this is for all seasons. This hairstyle is something that can be worn and rocked throughout the entire year, so would it not be a cute hot spring style? This hairstyle is easy to do, but if you want it to be perfect it does take some time.

One way you can get this look is by sleeping with a messy bun in your hair. This time just take one pony tail and gather your hair into a bun, making sure that all the hair is entrapped within the elastic. When you wake up, style it how you want it and voila, you have effortless beachy waves.

Of course there are many other ways that you can achieve this. If you have thin hair, a good idea would be to divide your hair into 6 equal sections and braid each one. Then take your flat iron and iron over top of them two or three times (more if you do not think it will work) hair spraying at the end. When you are done doing this, take out the braids and there you have it, some nice beachy waves!

Keep in mind that the way this gal, with long hair, does her beachy waves is a shortcut to getting beachy waves. If you have short hair, you’ll have to do strands separately and twist your hair around a flat iron or a curly iron, leaving the last 2 inches of hair to hold onto (and not curling that part).

This is a great hairstyle for fine hair. The waves will add a lot of volume that you wouldn’t normally have. Actually, you will have to work harder to get these waves, but it can be done…you just have to work a little harder, but it’s worth it!

Watch how KerastaseUSA does this in her step by step tutorial. so you can get your beachy waves on!


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