DIY Basket From a Paper Cup

DIY Basket From a Paper Cup | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Tatzkreen Art


Do you have a lot of paper cups from a recent event or party at your home? Wash and clean those as you can still upcycle and repurpose them into this beautiful small basket. You can use it for chocolate bowls, jewelry storage, party giveaways, or for decoration to your space. It’s a very fun, simple, and creative project you can do at home with friends or families. You only need a few craft materials to create this DIY basket from a paper cup. I know you love this wonderful and clever idea by Tatzkreen Art on Youtube. You can use this for any occasion like weddings and birthday parties.



  • paper cup
  • pair of scissors
  • craft knife or cutter
  • pen
  • glue


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Step 1:

Remove the top fold of the paper cup using a craft knife. Then using a pair of scissors, fix and cut some of the excesses on the top part to make it leveled. Next, cut the side connection and make 16 strips leaving a half-inch allowance at the bottom of each one.

Step 2:

Using a pen, slightly twist the top of each strip to open up the cup. The result will look like a flower.

DIY Basket From Paper Cup Materials
Image by: Tatzkreen Art


Step 3:

Now get one strip and fold it outward, inserting the tip diagonally into the second strip to the left. Do the same process for all of the strips until you finish the whole basket.

DIY Basket From Paper Cup Instructions
Image by: Tatzkreen Art


Step 4:

Get the top fold you removed from the paper cup and flatten the ends using a pen. Once flatten, glue the ends to the sides of the basket to make the handle. You are done! You can paint them in any color you want or even add someembellishments to them like: glitters, gems, stickers, or ribbons. Match it with the theme of the occasion.

DIY Basket From a Paper Cup

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