She Got Tired Of Looking for Her Remote And Glasses–She Made This Wonderful Caddy!

She Got Tired Of Looking for Her Remote And Glasses–She Made This Wonderful Caddy! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

With this easy to sew DIY project, your remote control and glasses will always be at your fingertips (of course, if you always put them back after using them)!

With all of the fabulous fabrics available, you can choose one that complements your home decor, making an arm chair remote holder that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. So, stop digging around in the sofa cushions by simplifying your life with this arm chair remote caddy!


You can also keep your scissors, ink pens and other necessary items in this great caddy! It’s so convenient and saves a lot of frustration. It also keeps your coffee table tidy too!

You can also slip this between your mattress and box spring for a convenient bedside caddy too! I made one of these for my bedroom and it feels so good to have my nightstand cleared off and have everything at my fingertips…it makes me feel so organized!

If you’re looking for a great gift to give this year for Christmas, put this on your list! We’re always trying to figure out what to give to the male family members and this is perfect!

While browsing Pinterest, I read what a blogger, with Adventures In The Park, said: “I wanted something to hang over the Lazy-boy recliner arm that could also be reached if I was on the couch.  (Once I’m plopped in the den, I don’t like to move.)  I had just cut off the legs of my dad’s jeans to convert them into shorts, and I kept imagining I could use a jean leg somehow.

Our daughter rolled up the end of one leg to make a long cuff and suggested we tuck things in the cuff.  I took the idea a bit further and came up with this – an arm chair caddy.”  This is pretty clever, so you might want to keep this in mind when cutting off those jeans!

Watch how Cumicumi does this in her step by step tutorial so you can get organized and stop looking for your remotes!

Photo Credit: eHow

A special thanks to eHow for the use of their photo of their arm chair caddy.  Make sure to check out their blog site for more great ideas!

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