He Makes A Special Table To Go Over The Arm Of A Sofa (So Brilliant!)

He Makes A Special Table To Go Over The Arm Of A Sofa (So Brilliant!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

When I saw this little table that fits perfectly over the arm of a sofa, I immediately thought that I had to have one! So many times I’ve wanted a place to sit my drink and phone down without having to lean forward to get it off of my coffee table…I know…sounds lazy, but it’s true!

As you will see in the tutorial, this guy makes his for his patio to sit beside his patio chair, but it works just as well over the arm of your sofa or special chair you sit in when you’re relaxing in your living room.


Let’s face it, we’re all creatures of comfort and this table definitely fits that bill! The closer you can have your “stuff” to you, the better!

I made one of these and my husband wants to steal it all the time. I told him to make his own…and he did! Now we’re both spoiled to this little table!

This is a great little drink perch for people with small spaces, or people who choose not the have end tables. A lot of people are making these without a stand attached to them and it just sits directly on top of the arm of their sofa, but, with this one, you can move it when or if you need to…no one’s touching mine!

Watch how DIY Creators make this nifty little arm chair table in their step by step tutorial!

Photo Credit: Sinner Rausch

A special thanks to Sinner Rausch for the use of their photo of the arm chair table. Make sure to check out their blog site for more fabulous ideas!

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