DIY Adirondack Cooler Bench

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Image By: Rustic Goose via Youtube


I just love the Adirondack style chairs for the porch or patio, but my husband likes to have a place to drink beer and considers the Adirondack style a bit too fussy for us. However, when I saw this Adirondack style bench that has a built-in cooler, I knew I had to talk him into it. I thought he would really be sold on the idea if I presented a really well put together case, which for this idea, was just showing him this awesome video tutorial by Rustic Goose on Youtube. The design is really basic, but the built-in cooler makes this project so unique and desirable. I couldn’t wait to finally get the Adirondack patio bench of my dreams and also be able to keep hubs happy with his nifty built-in cooler.



  • Coleman 28 quart cooler
  • Wood
  • Stainless steel utility hinge
  • 1 5/8 coated deck screws
  • Table saw
  • A jigsaw  


In this excellent video tutorial by Rustic Goose, you will learn to build this Adirondack style bench from start to finish with very straightforward, simple instructions. 

DIY Adirondack Chair With Cooler Tutorial - Youtube Video

Then you will install your Coleman 28 quart cooler and attach the cooler lid to the wooden casing, so all you have to do is lift up the flap to get a drink.  You can be relaxing on a sunny afternoon and get another beer without even having to get up from your chair.

Make an Adirondack style bench with a built in cooler

My husband is already more excited about this DY Adirondack cooler bench than I am, and he’s already purchased all the materials to make it at Home Depot this weekend.

DIY Adirondack Cooler Bench

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