Daisy Granny Crochet Square Pattern

Daisy Granny Crochet Square Pattern | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Your gonna want an entire quilt made of these squares! It is absolutely adorable! This is definitely one of my most favorite crochet tutorials I have found by Melanie Ham it is so cute and simple and it would look adorable on any sweater or blanket. This granny square would be especially cute on a baby blanket.


Materials Needed For This Crochet Project:

  • Yellow Yarn
  • White Yarn
  • Pink Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Crochet Hook


Step One

Create a magic loop with your yellow yarn, then do 8 single crochets in the loop, pull the free end and tighten it up, then connect it back to the loop and fasten it off and cut.

Daisy Granny Square - Crochet Pattern

Image by. Melanie Ham via YouTube video.

Step Two

Attach your white yarn to the end of the yellow and chain three. Do some cluster stitches. Each cluster should be a 4 double crochet cluster and your chin three will count as your first one the first time you do it.

Step Three

Chain two with your white yarn and then do another cluster. Repeat this process all the way around your yellow. Do this eight times to make eight petals. To finish off the white, slip stitch into the initial stitch you made with the white then cut the yarn.

Daisy Crochet Project - Granny Squares

Image by. Melanie Ham via YouTube video.


Step Four

Now, take your pink and attach it to one of your chain two spaces. To start the pink, chain five links.

Step Five

Do three double crochets in each space between the petals. Do two petals, then create a corner. Chain two between the double crochets in the same space to create a corner. Repeat this process, then finish up the first corner you created by connecting it in the third chain up of the chain five you created. Finally, weave your ends in, and you’re done.

Granny Crochet Square Of A Daisy

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