Cutest Mason Jar Planter…Looks just like a Pineapple!!!

Cutest Mason Jar Planter…Looks just like a Pineapple!!! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Do you love pineapples?  Now you can look at one every day! This is a really awesome mason jar project and it’s SO easy!  I love the way the addition of the cactus makes this painted mason jar look like a pineapple!  I made one for my cousin because her decorating theme is a tropical island…yep, it really is!  She even had lights on fake palm trees, in her home, for Christmas.  I know it sounds kind of out there, but it really looks pretty cool and was tastefully done.  You’d have to see it to believe it!  She’s always dreaming of her next island vacation!  She had a fit over the pineapple planter I gave her as a gift!  I made one for myself because I like this  bright and cheery planter…it’s so unique and it’s a great conversation piece!



Acrylic Paint (Yellow)

Paint Pen (Gold)






What she does is paint the mason jar yellow, let dry.  Applies a second coat and lets dry.  She then takes a black permanent pilot marker and draw V’s, with each of the rows being off centered from the previous row.  Next she takes the gold paint pen and draws a V inside each black V.  (What I did was add some rocks in the bottom of the jar for proper drainage, dirt and the plant.) Watch the easy step by step video so you can make your own Pineapple Planter!

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