Learn How to Make Roman Shades

Learn How to Make Roman Shades | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I fell in love with the look of these and I was definitely in the market for them since we just moved into a new home and I needed to get busy…fast!

We needed window treatments in the worse kind of way! Custom window treatments can be very expensive, if you’ve ever priced them. I went on the search for ideas for easy and inexpensive window treatments. Fortunately, I came across this tutorial by DIY Network for custom roman shades and loved them!


Originally, I wanted white wooden blinds (not faux wooden blinds), for a cottage look in my home, but quickly changed my mind when I found out how much they were going to cost!

Then I had the bedroom to figure out and as you know our bedrooms are supposed to be our personal sanctuary, where we can relax and unwind. But sometimes the harshness of those white blinds just sticks out like a sore thumb. I wanted something softer and more inviting. It always feels great when you have your mind set on how you want something to look and then it all comes together.

While some people invest hundreds, and even thousands, to get the “perfect” look for their bedroom, one YouTuber has devised a way to redo your window blinds with a minimal amount of money. Check out her DIY solution attached below.

I found my fabrics at Fabric.com.  I actually ran across the fabric at Joann’s first, but was able to get it MUCH cheaper at Fabric.com.  I ordered it and received it within 3 days with free shipping!

Watch how this gal with DIY Network makes her Roman Shade in her step by step tutorial.

How to Make Roman Shades

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