Custom Cinder Block BBQ Grill

Custom Cinder Block BBQ Grill | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: DCLA Universe


Upgrade your outdoor kitchen area with this custom cinder block BBQ grill tutorial by DCLA Universe! This DIY project is best for summer, especially during a BBQ night with your friends or family! It makes a great place to party and hang out. During this season, granite countertops get a little hot, unlike concrete countertops. So this one is just perfect! Get an idea of how you’ll create your own by watching the video below.



  • cement blocks
  • cement
  • water
  • trowel
  • wood for mold
  • string
  • sandpaper
  • paint


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Step 1:

Plan the layout for your BBQ and fire pit. Consider the equipment that you will use like the fridge and grill. If you are going to make some counter space where people can sit, then consider it adding to the layout.

Step 2:

Once you have your layout done, start laying some blocks. Using a trowel and cement mortar, build the block until just above your waistline. Consider your height or the one who will mostly use it in setting your countertop. When doing a block, always run your string line from one end of the block to the other end as you want it to be even to the top of the line.

Custom Cinder Block BBQ Grill layout
Image by: DCLA Universe



Step 3:

Once you are done with the blocks you can create the concrete countertop. Consider an overhang on the countertop if you are going to have the bar area. First, you need to build the mold and the support frame. Then mix and pour the concrete into the mold. Let it cure. Once dry, remove the mold and sand it down to have a smooth finish. Then paint it to your desired color.

Custom Cinder Block BBQ Grill instructions
Image by: DCLA Universe



Custom Cinder Block BBQ Grill

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