Crown Peach Paradise Cocktail Recipe

Crown Peach Paradise Cocktail Recipe | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Similar to the Crown Royal Peach lemonade, this recipe is on another level. Sara The Bartender really nailed it with this drink recipe. It’s the perfect splash of fruity flavor for the summer. We’ve all seen the fishbowl drink trend on TikTok for the summer, and this is quite possibly the best drink you could put into your fishbowl. This drink would be perfect for a beach day, or even a picnic with friends. The splash of smooth crown royal peach whisky mixed with the refreshing taste of lemonade and sprite will leave you wanting more to drink after each sip. 


Ingredients For This Drink Recipe:

  • Crown Royal Peach
  • Simply Lemonade
  • Sprite
  • Peach Concentrate
  • Peach Rings


Step One

Add some peach rings around your fishbowl and fill the bowl with crushed ice. You don’t want to forget the peach rings. After you finish your cocktail, you can eat the alcohol-soaked peach rings for a fun snack.

Peach Rings For Peach Paradise - Easy Cocktail
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Step Two

Pour one part crown royal peach whisky into your shaker cup. Next, pour in two parts lemonade into the shaker. Finally, add three counts of peach concentrate to the shaker cup.

Step Three

Shake up your mixed drink. Once it’s all shaken, pour the mixture into the fishbowl glass over your peach rings and crushed ice. 

Peach Paradise Fishbowl Drink - Easy Cocktail
Image by. @churchillsflint on Instagram.


Step Four

You are now going to top off the glass with sprite. Add your straw in and enjoy the summer vibes of a Crown Peach Paradise.

Recipe For Crown Peach Paradise Cocktail

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