12 Quick Crochet Scrap Yarn Projects

12 Quick Crochet Scrap Yarn Projects | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: Littlejohn's Yarn on Youtube


I think we all have that old box lying around filled with yarn scraps. Is it a guilty pleasure? Maybe, maybe not. Littlejohn’s Yarn shares quick crochet scrap yarn projects with us to do something with that box!



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Crochet Giant Button

Sometimes, finding the right button for your crochet project is such a hassle and can look out of place with the whole aesthetic.

Make your own crochet Giant Button by following this free pattern with the excess scrap yarn from your main project. Perfectly made for it.

scrap yarns for crochet projects
Image credit: Littlejohn’s Yarn on Youtube

Spiral Scrubbie

This spiral scrubbie might look intimidating to make, but you will be amazed by how easy it is to make with just some flat increases and decreases. This project goes perfectly with your scratchy yarn scraps to scrub off those stubborn stains.

Puffy Scrap Yarn Potholder

This easy-puffy scrap yarn potholder comes with a more straightforward pattern made with some of your left-over cotton yarn. A normal potholder requires 2 layers of stitching. Still, this specific pattern only requires 1 extra thick and squishy puffy scrap stitch.

Never Ending Hyperbolic Mobious

This project pattern is an alternative to a fun fidget spinner. Great for anxious hands and a brilliant brain exercise.


This fun pattern can be customized into different kinds of cute monsters, from the color choice to the monsters’ expressions! It is also great for beginners.

Flamingo Sleep Mask

For some, maybe most, sleep masks are a must for a calming bedtime routine. Make your personal sleep mask in great style with this easy flamingo sleep mask pattern.

It’s very cute, not to mention practical!

scrap yarn crochet projects tutorial

Doll Tea Set 

Be inspired by your kid’s tiny doll tea set by making this cute doll tea set with this easy pattern.  Since this was initially inspired by that cherished idea. Give it to yourself or a loved one.

Hand sanitizer cozy 

Keep your hygiene in check and make it quirkier with this practical hand sanitizer project.  This will make it easy to grab when attached to your bag or just carrying it around.

12 Quick Crochet Scrap Yarn Projects

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