How to Crochet a Heart in Just 2 Minutes

How to Crochet a Heart in Just 2 Minutes | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: Hooked by Robin on Youtube


For some, Valentine’s Day is a day of unity and happiness. For some, it’s a reminder of divisiveness and hurt. Nonetheless, it’s a day to remember that love is fleeting, and hence should be celebrated. Maybe it will be through family, friends, the sky, or self-love.


This crochet heart is a way to simply celebrate the loving occasion. Hooked by Robin shares with us this quick and straightforward 2-minute craft that makes a small crochet heart that can be used for all sorts of things: a confession to a crush, a reminder to love oneself, a wedding favor. The possibilities are endless, but the purpose sticks.


  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Needle


Prepare all the needed materials. Note: the bigger the yarn used, the bigger the heart size.

materials to crochet a heart
Image credit: Hooked by Robin on Youtube

Form a magic ring with your crochet hook and chain 2.

From there, work into the magic ring and make 3 treble stitches. Yarn over twice before going into the ring. Then, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through two, and repeat.

When done, place 3 double crochet stitches into the ring. Going around, chain 1, do another treble stitch, and another chain 1.

Next, work the other side of the heart by starting with 3 double, crochet stitches back into the ring. If you run out of room, scooch your stitches around.

Place 3 treble stitches back into the ring and chain 2. Slip stitch into the ring while keeping the yarn tail to close it slightly and chain 1.

Trim the yarn while leaving a decent length to weave in using your scissors. Tightly pull your hook up and place it through to close the magic ring neatly. Also, pull the yarn you trimmed off tightly.

crochet a heart in 2 minutes tutorial
Image credit: Hooke by Robin on Youtube

Thread in the excess yarn tails, weave in both ends into the heart, and trim off the excess.

How to Crochet a Heart in Just 2 Minutes

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