How to Correctly Use Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Garden

How to Correctly Use Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Garden | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas



Hydrogen peroxide is considered a chemical, but it decomposes easily in water or oxygen. Have no fear as this is safe to use even in organic gardening in varying conditions. Learn how to properly use hydrogen peroxide in your garden with these 10 incredible tips by GARDEN TIPS on Youtube. You will gain a lot of knowledge with this list and may help you with the problems you encountered while planting or gardening.



10. Save a dying plant

First, check by scratching the stem, if it’s juicy and green it can be revived. You need to cut all of the dead branches and stem until the green zone. Then take out the plant by its roots and inspect if there are any rots. Prepare a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution using 3% or 6%. Use 2 tablespoons of 3% peroxide per gallon of water. Use half for the 6%. Soak the roots into this solution for 6 hours. After that, you can transfer it to a new pot in a clean fresh potting mix. Water it with the same solution and leave for a few days.

9. Accelerate seed germination

Soak seeds in a solution with 1-2 teaspoons of 3% peroxide per liter of water or water seedling tray of seeds.  This help in better root development of the seedlings.

8. Disinfecting garden tools

Disinfect your garden tools, especially the cutting and pruning tools. Deep the tool in a 6% h2o2 solution.

How to Correctly Use Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Garden tools


7. Disinfect seed trays

For a high success rate in germination, your seeds have to be free from pathogenic microorganisms. Wipe them with 6% solution without any dilution but make sure to use gloves!

6. Treat fungal or bacterial root rot

Did you know that overwatering can cause a shortage of oxygen at the roots? By doing this, the water fills the air pockets found in the soil around your plants which suffocates the roots of the plant. Water with 2 tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide per gallon.

5. Sterilize the seed

Add a 1:3 dilution of 3% h2o2 in water to the seed starting mix and leave overnight before using the soil.

4. Weed killer

At 10% or higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide, it completely kills types of vegetation.

3. Fertilizer

Water your plants with a very dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide once a month.

2. Hydroponics and aquaponics

Adding this to the water can keep the plants healthy.

How to Correctly Use Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Garden hydroponics


1. Effective pesticide and anti-fungal

It can control common pests and insects in the garden with its strong oxidizing effect.


How to Correctly Use Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Garden

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