5 Cheap Hacks To Make An Old Table Look High-End

5 Cheap Hacks To Make An Old Table Look High-End | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: Hometalk via YouTube


Don’t throw out or replace your old table just yet, because through these following tips and hacks, you’ll learn how you can easily transform your old table into a high-end looking furniture without spending as much. Let Hometalk on YouTube show you different but simple ways to do it.



  • An old table
  • Quick-drying matte white paint
  • Clear glossy paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Sponge
  • Acrylic paint (white, black, gray)
  • Disposable plates
  • Plastic cups
  • Cardboard
  • Granite wallpaper
  • Clear resin
  • Fabric
  • Blow torch
  • Stencils
  • Wood putty
  • Table adhesive


Step 1

First, cover the top of your table with 2 layers of white paint, then let the paint dry completely. Prepare 4 separate disposable plates, then in each one put white, black, and gray, then a mixture of all three in the 4th plate. Using a sponge, dab each color of paint into the surface of the table making sure to blend out the colors. Leave them to dry out completely before brushing the top with clear glossy paint for the finishing touch.


Step 2

Prepare some plastic cups, then fill them with a few drops of paint making sure to put different color in each cups. Pour clear resin in each cup, then mix them until well combined and uniform. In the white resin cup, pour one color on top, followed by another until you’ve poured all colors on top. Without mixing, pour this on top of the table, then tilt it around until it is well coated. Pour some gray resin to create random swirls and streaks, then use a blow torch and hover it on top of the table, and then let it dry completely.

How To Transform Old Table
Image Credit: Hometalk via YouTube

Step 3

Get the measurement of your tables top and all 4 sides, then trace the size into a cardboard, and cut them out. Cut the granite wallpaper according to the size of each cardboard pieces, then remove the paper at the back before attaching them into the cardboard. Instead of using wallpaper, you can also roughly apply wood putty on top of an old table before applying a new set of paint, you can use some stencils as well for added details. Aside from this, if you have some old scrap fabrics that can fit the size of the top of your table, you can attach it using some table adhesive.

Easy DIY High End Table Tutorial
Image Credit: Hometalk via YouTube


*All these images are credited to Hometalk via YouTube. Give their channel a visit and subscribe for more!

5 Cheap Hacks To Make An Old Table Look High-End

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