Watch How She Makes A Fun Candy Bouquet For Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Watch How She Makes A Fun Candy Bouquet For Valentine’s Day Gifts! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday and this DIY project makes it even more fun since most of us love sweets!

This Valentine’s candy bouquet is chalked full of candy and would be a fun bouquet to make and take to your office for sharing. I guarantee you your office workers will not forget you if you show up with one of these!


We all know about the cookie and fruit bouquets, and you can make those the same way, if you prefer not to go into sugar overload. I’m a big chocolate lover so I’ll stick with the candy bouquet!

This is a great handmade gift for kids that not only look awesome and are lots of fun but will also have a little bit of magic because they were crafted by a loved one! Candy bouquets can be made for under $10 when you buy your supplies at the Dollar Tree.

This adorable little candy bouquet makes the perfect little “thinking of you” gift. I made up several of these to give to my closest friends on Valentine’s Day and can’t wait to give them to them!

I also made up one of these for my grandchildren. I have three of them and they can share one, otherwise I’ll get in trouble with their parents!

Watch how this lady with ThePatrickCrew, puts this adorable and fun candy bouquet in her step by step tutorial.



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