Easy DIY Butterfly Rock Painting

Easy DIY Butterfly Rock Painting | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Spring is the perfect time for relaxing painting days. Skipping stones are usually easy to find in the spring months, and make the perfect canvas for your paintings. I’ve learned how to paint lots of things on rocks lately; night skies, cats, and even hedgehogs. This butterfly tutorial by Annamoon FineArt is so simple and turns out gorgeous. This 3D butterfly will make the perfect addition to your garden decor, and maybe even attract some real butterflies. 


Materials You Will Need For This DIY

  • A Flat Rock
  • White Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Dark Blue Paint
  • Light Blue Paint
  • Small Paint Brush

For detailed instructions check Annamoon FineArt’s YouTube video down below. 


Step One

Trace a butterfly onto your rock as well as the butterfly shadow. 

Step Two

Paint the butterfly you traced with white paint. After the paint is dry, erase any of the leftover pencil marks.

DIY 3D Rock Painting - Easy Painting

Image by. Annamoon FineArt via Youtube video. 

Step Three

Paint the shadow you drew with black paint. 

Step Four

Once the back and white paints are dry, start painting over the white with light blue.

Butterfly Rock Painting - Easy Rock Painting

Image by. Annamoon FineArt via Youtube video. 

Step Five

While the light blue paint is still wet, start going in with the darker blue paint and shading around the slides of the butterfly. Continue doing that until you like the shape, highlights and shadows of the butterfly. It should begin to have a 3D look now.

Step Six

Begin adding details to the butterfly. Add spots with white paint, and lines with darker paint. Continue adding in the minor details until you have your desired butterfly. 

East Butterfly Painting Tutorial

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