Butterfly Embroidery Trick Using a Comb

Butterfly Embroidery Trick Using a Comb | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Cherry Blossom


Recently, I have been so interested in embroidery. I haven’t tried it before, but I have already seen a lot of these tutorial videos by Cherry Blossom on Youtube. One particular video that caught my attention is this butterfly embroidery trick using a comb. I love butterflies, and it was so amazing to see them getting made. Aren’t these cute? I am planning to put them on my bags and hats for embellishment. This will surely be a fun and interesting project!



  • yarn (2 colors)
  • normal comb
  • scissors
  • needle
  • brown thread



Step 1:

Get one of the yarns. Insert the end in between the bristles and hold using one hand. Count 11 down, insert the yarn then go back again to the top. Repeat 3 more times then tie the end into a knot at the back. Cut the yarn.

Step 2:

Get the second yarn. Insert the end of the yarn below the top, then above the bottom. Repeat 4 times then tie the ends into a knot at the back. Cut the yarn.

Butterfly Embroidery Trick Using a Comb Tutorial
Image by Cherry Blossom


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Step 3:

Insert the thread into the needle and make a knot at the end. Count the bristles and divide them into 2 to find the middle. Insert the needle in the middle of the loops on the brace part, then loop into the bottom and insert it on the thread. Repeat and pull tightly to secure. Loop it one more but do not tighten it yet. Loop the thread to the needle several times, then pull the needle out.

Butterfly Embroidery Trick Using a Comb Project
Image by Cherry Blossom


Step 4:

Remove the butterfly from the comb.

Step 5:

Sew it on your hat, bag, dress, or any cloth, then make the antennas of the butterfly.


Did you like this simple hand embroidery? If so, visit and subscribe to Cherry Blossom on Youtube. They have tons of tutorials that you’ll surely love. 

Butterfly Embroidery Trick Using a Comb

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