Did You Know The Super Popular Brush Lettering You See All Over Is Actually Easy To Do!

Did You Know The Super Popular Brush Lettering You See All Over Is Actually Easy To Do! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Brush lettering is a trendy lettering style for a reason right now for good reason. It looks amazing and it actually really easy to do once you master a few simple techniques. Requiring little more than a sharpie brush and paper, hand lettering is accessible to everyone! Learn how to get this look yourself by following the easy step by step tutorials in this Youtube video. With just an hour of practice, I was able to achieve remarkably impressive results.


Many of you have probably wanted to know how to do this special lettering for cards, chalkboard art, and canvases, so I thought I’d take a few minutes today to share this great tutorial with you and the most basic way to achieve this kind of brush-lettered look.

First of all, let me say that no two artists’ work will look exactly the same…that’s what makes it art! Second, there are TONS of ways to do hand-lettering. My most recent efforts have been to master brush lettering.

Have I mentioned my new obsession?  Hand Lettering. It’s fun, let’s me get out some of my creativity and is an easy way for me to turn off my brain. Hand lettering seems to be pretty trendy right now. It’s seen in advertising, there are extremely popular books explaining how to accomplish the style, and I’m entirely devoted to the art of this special brush lettering.

I first got curious when my friend was doing special hand letting on a chalkboard for a little girl’s birthday and I flipped out over how cool it was! Thus my journey into learning how to do it!

Watch how Kelly does this special lettering in her step by step tutorial.

Learn Brush Lettering at home with Kelly’s Practice Worksheets that you can download and print today. Visit http://bit.ly/kellyletters

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