Brinkley Crossbody Bag Double Zipper

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Do you have too much makeup to carry around? Maybe you could use a better make up bag that has one side devoted to makeup and the other side devoted to brushes, sponges, an eyelash curler? I needed a bag for my phone and business cards and I found just the tutorial for that dilemma yesterday on Youtube. Luckily I had all the materials I needed eight 8 x 10 pieces of fabric, two zippers, and a couple of D rings for the crossbody strap holders.


I really love this project because the directions are so super simple. I just cut my 8 x 10 fabric pieces and started sewing immediately

Zipper Crossbody bag

Then I put my zippers into the 2 bags I constructed.

Zipper Crossbody 2

So all I had to do was attach them together and put on the strap.

Zipper Crossbody 4


Wow, once again I was super impressed with this fun project and I was super motivated to make the Brinkley Zipper Crossbody! I sell real estate, and this turned out to be the perfect bag for carrying cell phones, business cards, and other small items needed when showing homes. I really did want a cross-body, so I just swiped a strap from another bag and made an upcycled repurposed trendy strap. You can also make bag straps from old belts, which is something I love to do. I’ll never forget all the times I had to dig in my purse to find my phone, missing important calls and texts. You also need those business cards on hand for emergency public relations and this Brinkley Crossbody Double Zipper Bag has got me on the road to be super-efficient. I still use my regular purse but wear the crossbody as well when I’m showing a house or doing a meet and greet with clients and sellers. I’m really excited about this, maybe I can even personalize it with Cricut! And what great gifts these would make!


Brinkly Crossbody Bag With Double Zipper

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