She Slides Wire Through Ball Ornaments And Creates This Amazing Christmas Decor!

She Slides Wire Through Ball Ornaments And Creates This Amazing Christmas Decor! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

If you’re sick of putting up the same old Christmas decorations year in year out but don’t have a secret safe hidden somewhere packed with cash, then this is a striking way to decorate on the cheap, but it certainly doesn’t look it!

That’s why when we saw this set of multi color ornaments from Target ($15 for a set of 50!), we knew we had to buy them. Instead of just using them for the tree, thanks to this Martha Stewart tutorial, we found out how to string them together in a long bundle so that they can be used as a garland as well.


It’s a great way to tie your tree and mantle together into one cohesive theme, and the same tactic works for decorating both — no ornament hooks needed!

I absolutely love the look of this ball ornament garland! Martha Stewart uses wire, but I’ve on Pinterest that you can do this with ribbon (or string) by running the ribbon through the ornament loops. They had to tie off the ends first. Whatever works best for you.

Keep in mind that Martha Stewart uses unbreakable ball ornaments and these can be found at many different stores. I’d check with the dollar store first! I’ve actually found these at Target in the past.

Some people make these with small balls and put them on their Christmas tree rather than on their mantel and it looks stunning too!

Garlands are very important detail in Christmas decoration, because they make the tree, the stairways or the mantel much more exciting.

Watch how Martha Stewart, with The Home Depot, does this cool DIY project in her step by step tutorial.








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