6 Bad Cleaning Habits You Need To Break

6 Bad Cleaning Habits You Need To Break | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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If you don’t like cleaning often, then make sure to clean your house and furniture well so that you don’t do it over and over again. All of us have our own bad habits and are guilty of repeating 1 or more. Well, this is the right time to break those bad habits and start cleaning more effectively, because having a clean house does not only please aesthetically but is also hygienic. Learn a trick or two with this video tutorial by Clean My Space on YouTube.



  • Read the instructions
  • More is not better
  • Don’t use dirty cleaning tools
  • Dry dusting
  • The “S” pattern
  • Toilet brush soup


Read the instructions

When using an unfamiliar or new cleaning product, make sure to give the instructions a quick read before using it on any of your surfaces, and make sure that you understand how and where to use it to avoid ruining any surface or furniture.


More is not better

Most of you might think that using a wide range of cleaning products together to clean a surface or furniture is better and offers a much more effective result. However, it is actually the opposite because some products don’t work together while some products are already designed for all-purpose cleaning. It is recommended to look for specific cleaning products for each surface or area and use only a single product that is most effective for you.

Do not use dirty cleaning tools

Make sure to use clean cloths when wiping or cleaning surfaces for an efficient process and better results. Always see to it that your tools are properly maintained and clean before using them. Using dirty cleaning cloths can actually spread bacteria around the surface and never really removes any dirt.

Effective Cleaning Tips And Tricks
Image credit: Clean My Space via YouTube

Dry dusting

When dusting surfaces, keep in mind that dust is a kind of little slurry and fine little mist that when wet turns into a streaky paste that is harder to get and clean. So make sure to dust first using a dry cloth before cleaning.

The “S” pattern

Unless you are cleaning or buffing a vehicle, then using a circular motion when wiping will do nothing except spread dirt even more or put the dirt that you’ve wiped back into the surface. When you clean, use an “S” motion instead, going from one side to the other, this way you can make sure that you only go over one area once.

Toilet brush soup

Storing a dripping wet toilet brush immediately in its container or storage after use will create a dirty pool of water that is a breeding ground for bacteria. The next time you clean your toilet, make sure to pop it under the lid, then let it dry for about 10 minutes before putting it back.

Smart Cleaning Hacks That You Should Know
Image credit: Clean My Space via YouTube


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6 Bad Cleaning Habits You Need To Break

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