Make A Placemat Knitting Basket In About 8 Minutes

Make A Placemat Knitting Basket In About 8 Minutes | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

For those who knit a lot, you all know you need several knitting baskets. I found this excellent tutorial on Youtube of how to make a knitting/ storage basket in 8 minutes. Well, I had an extra 8 minutes and a bunch of old placemats, so I thought I would give it a whirl. There are no zippers involved and all you embroiderers can have a great time further customizing this project. The basket is perfect for a current knitting project because it is about 6 inches deep and holds about six or seven skeins of yarn. I can’t tell you enough how easy this is going to be. You just fold right sides together, pressing with your fingers. You can add some clips to hold it in place as you sew down each side.



Then you make sure you put a good crease across the bottom that you can see and use a little triangle templet to mark your places to cut and sew for your boxed corners. You can also just measure down 4.25″ and mark the fabric itself with a fabric marker or just secure your little card stock triangle template with some Wonder Clips and sew along the line, this is my preferred method.


Then you cut the triangle piece off. Now if you have a surger, you may want to surge this step. The photo below is the surged edge you just cut.


This is probably the quickest most satisfying project I have ever made. I had 11 placemats so I ended up making a basket out of all of them. They are going into my gift closet because they fit the criteria of what really makes a great gift. homemade with love, cute, functional, useful, and downright adorable.




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