8 DIY Photo Filters You Can Make At Home That Work Beautifully. Watch!

8 DIY Photo Filters You Can Make At Home That Work Beautifully. Watch! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I learned a lot about improvising when it comes to different types of photo filters you can use from things you already have at home. I was very impressed with the incredible photos that resulted from using some of these filters.

Photographers have always loved using filters. Whether it’s boosting contrast by pairing a red filter with black-and-white film, or simply adding a polarizer to cut glare, there is a filter for almost every situation.


The following DIY filters are all about distorting light in a creative way, without needing to invest in any extra photography equipment.

While these tips are ideal for interchangeable lens cameras and dSLRs, you can achieve many of the same effects with almost any other camera. Just take a bit more care if you are using items with a compact camera or smartphone.

For example cellophane, the humble transparent sheet is great for crafting, but it’s even better as a photographic tool. There are a number of different ways you can use cellophane with your camera — to simulate light leaks or to add a coloured filter to photos.

Grab any color cellophane you like. Cut off a small segment to fit around your lens. Attach with a rubber band and look through the viewfinder to position it where you like in the frame.

Make sure to watch this video from COOPH to see all the brilliant things he uses as filters…you’ll be very surprised!

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