6 Genius Laundry Tricks Everyone Should Know

6 Genius Laundry Tricks Everyone Should Know | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Smart Fox via Youtube


Are you looking for some laundry tips that actually work? Look no more as these six laundry tricks from Smart Fox on Youtube will make your life easier! Share these genius tricks with your friends and family and make laundry time hassle-free. Watch the video below to learn these tricks.


#1 Instead of fabric softener, use salt

Like fabric softeners, salt can also make your laundry nice and soft because they both have the same properties. Just put salt in the compartment where you put fabric softener.

Use salt instead of fabric softener when doing the laundry
Image credits: Smart Fox via Youtube

#2 When putting laundry in the dryer, put aluminum foil in with it

Take an aluminum foil, crumple it into a ball, and then toss it inside the dryer. This will prevent the laundry from becoming statically charged. Another option is you can buy some extra dryer sheets but these are not exactly cheap and you have to replace them every time, unlike the aluminum foil.

#3 Use antibacterial wet wipes if you always have animal hair in your laundry

Having pets means you also had a problem with animal hair sticking to your clothes. To avoid this, you can put antibacterial wet wipes into the washing machine together with the laundry. It’s best to use two or three of them. Antibacterial wet wipes will absorb those hairs and therefore result in much less hair on your clothes.

#4 In cleaning the washing machine, put a steel wool sponge in the washing machine with baking soda

Put two tbsp of baking soda into the washing machine and put the steel wool sponge inside with it. Set the washing machine to a high temperature and start it. Do this without the laundry. After 15 minutes, pause the wash and remove the steel wool, then close the door again and let the washing machine finish.

#5 If you run out of detergent, you can use a mouthwash

If you ever run out of laundry detergent, just use a cap of mouth wash, put it with your laundry, and after washing, your laundry will smell clean and fresh. It can also kill bacteria and germs completely.

#6 You can put an extra dry towel whenever you put your laundry in the dryer

A dry towel will absorb some of the moisture. With this trick, you can save half of the drying time and will finish a lot faster.

Add a dry towel when drying laundry in the dryer
Image credits: Smart Fox via Youtube

6 Genius Laundry Tricks Everyone Should Know

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