4th of July Summer Centerpiece DIY

4th of July Summer Centerpiece DIY | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Ramon - at HOME via Youtube


The fourth of July is almost here. Time to decorate your space with patriotic decorations. Here’s a beautiful DIY summer centerpiece by Ramon – at HOME that I super love. It’s made from hydrangeas, roses, and greeneries. This is an expensive project, and most of the items can be found in a Dollar Store. Watch the video below for full instructions.



  • blue hydrangeas
  • stars (Dollar Store)
  • 2 flags (Dollar Store)
  • skewers
  • dozen red roses
  • half a dozen of the baby’s breath
  • wire cutters
  • hurricane glass candle holder
  • LED operated candle
  • 2 blocks of foam
  • moss
  • tray (Dollar Store)
  • four types of greeneries

Note: if you can’t find blue hydrangeas, you can spray paint the white ones


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Step 1:

Place the foam onto the tray and fill the sides with moss. Place the hurricane in the middle of the foam and mark the spot by pressing it down.

Step 2:

Start filling the sides of the foam with the 2 pieces of greenery on each side. Remember to put the same thing on the left-right and top-bottom. This will ensure a balanced arrangement. Next, insert stems around the circle until the foam is filled. If you need to make the stems smaller, just cut them with wire cutters.

Summer Centerpiece DIY Project
Image by Ramon – at HOME via Youtube


Step 3:

Bring the candle and hurricane to the center. Add the hydrangeas on the top on opposite sides. Next, group the roses into three then add to the front and back, then onto the sides. Make sure they are balanced. After that, insert the baby’s breath around. Trim it if it’s too long.

Summer Centerpiece DIY Tutorial
Image by Ramon – at HOME via Youtube

Step 4:

Break skewers in half and poke onto the stars. Put three red stars on the front and three blue stars on the back. On one side, add three white stars.

Step 5:

Tape another stick to one of the flags to add length to the pole. Insert the two flags on the same side of the centerpiece.

Summer Centerpiece DIY

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