3 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

3 Last Minute Halloween Costumes | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Are you looking for a simple last-minute Halloween Costume? Try this DIY Witch Costume, it’s so foxy and affordable. You just get everything you need from Dollar General and there is also a killer make up tutorial that goes with it as well. There are also instructions for a Gitter Pumpkin and a Zombie Bride in the video that are super cute.


I told myself this Halloween was going to be different, I was going to plan my costume way in advance and I was going to get all my supplies and have them on hand so I could start my costume whenever the mood struck me, I would ease into my creative headspace, with no stress or tension of being late to the party. But work got crazy and I had to take my dog to the vet, then I had to get my oil changed life got hectic as usual and it caused me to start my costume the day before Halloween which meant I couldn’t even pull off my original idea of being Marie Antoinette because I did not have time to make the 17th Century dress I had planned, not to mention the guillotine I had to build to make the dream complete. So I decided on a plain old witch costume, but I needed something simple and quick so I got on Youtube and discovered this great 3 costume ideas video, I knew it was perfect. It was really simple and the supplies were super cheap, but it had a foxy vibe and looked very attractive. I got the supplies I needed from Dollar General and made the costume in about a half-hour. I guess there really are no accidents because I met the most wonderful guy at the Halloween party and he came as a Warlock, so when our eyes met we both knew it was meant to be, he brought me over a bubbling cauldron of Moonshine Punch and we havent parted since that fateful evening.


Costume 1:

  • Witch Black Rose Chain Garland
  • Wicked Witch Wig
  • Monstrous Make-Up Kit

Costume 2:

  • Set Halloween Earrings
  • Orange Glitter Pumpkin
  • Haunted Wig
  • 3 Small Pumpkins

Costume 3:

  • Zombie Bride Blood Choker
  • Blood Spattered Tights
  • Haunted Wig

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