13 Ways To Open Beer Without Bottle Opener

13 Ways To Open Beer Without Bottle Opener | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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There are many times that you may not have a bottle opener or forgot to bring one, but that’s okay. Surprisingly there are 13 other ways to open a beer without doing it the traditional way. Drinking doesn’t and shouldn’t require special equipment, so I think these tips are very helpful. I’m not a big beer fan, but most guys that I hang around with usually end up forgetting their beer opening. You’re not totally out of luck if you don’t have a bottle opener after learning these new tips.



Keys are one of the top ways that most people I know use to open a beer. Use your dominant hand to slide the key under the beer cap, then twist the key upward to loosen the cap. You might have to do this all around the bottle until it comes off.

How To Open Beer With Keys - Genius Ways To Open Beer - Convenient Ways To Open Beer
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Another beer

This is the second tip that I see a lot of people doing: using another beer. I’m sure we’ve all seen this more than we can count. It does work, just flip another beer bottle upside down and use the ridge of its cap to pull off the other cap.

Metal spoon or fork

Pry a beer bottle cap using the edge of a metal spoon or fork to slide it under the cap, and it will lift the bottle cap off.


This seems dangerous, but there are two tactics here. First, place the cap between the two blades and lift until it pops off. Second, cut through the ridge in the crown until it releases.


Hold the bottle by its neck, and leave enough space for the lighter to fit between your index finger and the bottom of the cap. Then, push down on the other end of the lighter with your free hand and the cap should pop off.


The lipstick method is the exact same a the lighter, so refer above. Make sure you use the side where it’s pointed on the edge.

Door frame

Tilt the beer bottle on its side, and line the edge of the cap with the lip of the door or the empty lock latch. Then, apply pressure at the angle and push off the cap.


Use a flathead screwdriver under the edge of the cap and use the handle as a lever to lift off.

Dollar bill

This trick seems hard, but if you happen to have a dollar bill or a piece of paper, fold it until it becomes a sturdy piece to pop off the bottle cap.

Beer Opening Hacks - Use a Dollar Bill To Open Beer - Beer Tips and Tricks
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Tree branch

If you can find a tree branch with a curve or knob, this will work best. Maneuver the bottle until the cap catches and tilt slowly to become loose.


You can use a countertop, brick, or any surface with a defined edge to place the lip of the counter under the cap and whack the cap with your hand in a downward motion so that it lifts off.


Place your hand over the bottle, and put the underside of your ring finger under the cap. Tilt the bottle to about 45 degrees, then grip the top and pull back.

Belt Buckle

If you want to take the extra step and take off your belt and place one edge of the buckle under the cap and use your thumb to push down on the other side of the cap.

Overall, this is super convenient to keep in mind in case you’re at a party or gathering without a bottle opener. I’ve learned so many new and unique ways on how to open a beer.

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